In this category, you can find various types of transceivers and accessories. We offer you antennas and cables, components necessary for proper operation. Choose a high-performance COM/NAV aviation transceiver featuring automatic Morse code decoding or advanced system of scanning two channel frequencies. All transceivers we offer, are equipped with robust sunlight readable display.

Advanced transceivers feature frequency database which reduces pilot workload by simplifying setting the right frequency. What's more, our transceivers are able to give you information regarding time, airspeed, distance from a certain point that are shown on sunlight readable display. Some models of transceivers allow you to switch between two frequencies simply by pushing one single button.

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TQ Systems KRT2 (8.33kHz)TQ Systems KRT2 (8.33kHz)

TQ Systems KRT2 (8.33kHz)

COM Radio, 57 mm
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ICOM IC-A16E (8.33kHz)

ICOM IC-A16E (8.33kHz)

Portable COM Radio, Bluetooth
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$ 279.90 excl. VAT
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Funkwerk ATR833-II LCD

Funkwerk ATR833-II LCD

COM Radio, LCD Display, 57 mm
Usually 2 weeks
$ 1,269.70 excl. VAT