Garmin’s Upgrade Program: Installation for 1€

Maximize Your Avionics

Welcome to the Garmin GNS™ and GTN™ Upgrade Program, an exclusive opportunity designed for aircraft owners looking to elevate their avionics systems. With the aviation landscape constantly evolving, staying updated with the latest technology is not just about keeping up — it’s about leading the pack. This program offers you a seamless upgrade path from your existing GNS navigators to the state-of-the-art GTN Xi series, ensuring your avionics meet modern demands for safety, efficiency, and performance. Whether you’re looking to enhance flight safety or improve operational efficiency, Garmin’s upgrade program is tailored to help you achieve maximum flying potential with minimal hassle.

Understanding the Garmin Upgrade Program

The Garmin GNS™ and GTN™ Upgrade Program is specifically tailored to streamline the enhancement of your avionics. This initiative enables you to replace older GNS and GTN series navigators with cutting-edge technology, such as the GTN Xi series and other sophisticated Garmin products. The main goal of this program is to facilitate an easy transition to newer, more advanced models that offer increased performance, extensive capabilities, and compliance with the latest aviation standards. This upgrade not only refines the functionality of your avionics but also significantly boosts your aircraft’s value and capability, ensuring you are equipped for the demands of modern aviation.

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Why Upgrade?

Financial Incentives - By participating in this upgrade program, you can benefit from a special promotion offering the installation of your new GTN Xi system for just 1€. This incredible offer makes the upgrade more accessible and cost-effective, particularly for pilots operating with older or unsupported systems. Save on significant installation costs and take advantage of this limited-time opportunity to modernize your avionics.

Future-Proofing Your Avionics - Upgrading to the latest devices like the GTN Xi series or GNX 375 ensures readiness for future navigational requirements and airspace regulations. These systems are engineered to adapt to forthcoming technological advancements, aiding pilots in maintaining compliance and prolonging the utility of their avionic investments.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency and Safety: GTN 750Xi and GTN 650Xi - These units are renowned for their expansive touchscreen interfaces that streamline navigation and communication processes. The intuitive touchscreens decrease pilot workload, allowing for quicker and simpler commands during intricate flight operations. Moreover, with capabilities such as graphical flight planning, these navigators significantly augment in-flight management and enhance safety.

Cost-Effective Navigation and Communication Solutions: GPS 175 and GNC 355 - Offering advanced GPS navigation at an affordable price, the GPS 175 and GNC 355 models support ADS-B Out, enhancing situational awareness and meeting modern compliance standards. The GNC 355 also includes complete COM radio functionalities, providing a comprehensive solution for pilots aiming to upgrade their communications without extensive cockpit modifications.

All-in-One ADS-B Out and In Solution: GNX 375 - Combining GPS navigation with an ADS-B Out/In transponder, the GNX 375 not only simplifies the cockpit layout but also bolsters safety. It delivers traffic and weather information directly to the cockpit, improving situational awareness and aiding decision-making across all flight stages.

GPS 175  GTN 650Xi GNX 375

The Garmin GTN Xi-series not only revolutionizes your flying experience but also simplifies the transition to cutting-edge avionics with our advantageous trade-in offer for your current GNS & GTN units.

Installation for 1€

Take advantage of our special promotion where you can get the installation of your new GTN Xi system for just 1€. This limited-time offer is designed to make upgrading easier and more affordable than ever. Ensure a smooth and professional installation with our expert team, reducing your downtime and getting you back in the air quickly. This promotion not only saves you significant costs but also guarantees top-notch service quality. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in handling advanced avionics installations, ensuring your upgrade is done right the first time.

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GDL 60 and FlightStream 510

Consider adding the GDL 60 and FlightStream 510 as an optional upgrade. GDL 60 supports Garmin PlaneSync technology and works seamlessly with GTN™ Xi navigators and select flight decks. FlightStream 510 is a wireless connectivity solution that integrates avionics with mobile devices, enhancing your navigation and communication capabilities.

Pricing Details

Product List Price Our Price Promotion
GTN 650 to GTN 650Xi 6 069 $ 4 229 $ Installation for 1 €*
GTN 750 to GTN 750Xi 10 269 $ 6 784 $ Installation for 1 €*
GNS 430 to GTN 650Xi 14 939 $ 13 159 $ Installation for 1 €*
GNS 530 to GTN 750Xi 21 389 $ 17 894 $ Installation for 1 €*
GNS 430W to GTN 650Xi 14 069 $ 12 299 $ Installation for 1 €*
GNS 530W to GTN 750Xi 20 269 $ 16 784 $ Installation for 1 €*
GDL 60 DATALINK 3 495 $ 3 015 $ Installation for 1 €*
FlightStream 510 1 695 $ 1 525 $ Installation for 1 €*

*All prices are exclusive of VAT. The pricing is applicable to most General Aviation (GA) aircraft; however, certain makes and models, such as Mooney and Cirrus, may necessitate additional labor due to the complexity of the task. The WAAS GPS antenna is not included in the listed price except for GNS 430 and GNS 530 models, where antenna is included. The Garmin GNS and GTN units for trade-in must be in good, working condition. Advertised pricing is for black faceplate units only. Core charge ($1,150 for GTN 650, $1,400 for GTN 750) will apply until trade-in is confirmed on bench to meet manufacturer's specifications. For all GTN models, OnePak Database Subscription is included.

Upgrade Your GNS™ Before It’s Too Late!

Don’t let your GNS™ navigators become obsolete! The Garmin GNS™ and GTN™ Upgrade Program offers you a unique opportunity to trade in your current system for a more advanced and efficient model. Take advantage of this chance to enhance your avionics with the latest technology while also benefiting from our exclusive installation offer.

Our team of expert avionics consultants, all experienced pilots, are ready to discuss the best upgrade options for you and help you transition smoothly to superior navigation solutions. Contact us now to learn how you can benefit from our special offers and upgrade your cockpit technology without hassle.