Custom Covers

Custom Aircraft Covers

Whatever aircraft you have, we most likely have the cover to fit it! We offer the most comprehensive line of custom, protective aircraft covers for virtually every airplane, jet, and helicopter. Water repellent to stop leaks but breathable, moisture does not stay under the cover and cause damage like a plastic tarpaulin would! All canopy covers are lined 100% with a special micro fiber made for the Plexiglas, which protects your glass and paint from chafing or scratching. Grey is the standard colour because that's the most reflective to keep the interior cool but any colour is available. Also aircraft registration and company logo can be printed on the cover.

Canopy Covers

Canopy covers help reduce damage to your airplane's upholstery and avionics caused by excessive heat, and they can eliminate problems caused by leaky door and window seals. They keep the windshield and window surfaces clean and help prevent vandalism and theft. All canopy covers are 100% lined with a special micro-fiber lining, made for glass so they will not scratch. Each canopy cover is custom sewn and trimmed in the colors of the airplane. A duffle bag is also provided for simple storage. For an extra charge the airplane's registration number can be imprinted onto both sides of the cover.

Canopy covers

Engine Inlet Plugs

Engine inlet plugs are "pillows" sewn of heavy-duty vinyl material and stuffed with a single block of urethane foam. A zipper in the back of each plug allows the foam to be removed and dried if necessary. Engine plugs have warning flags, which stick up above the cowl line, visible from the cockpit. Most plugs are embroidered with the aircraft registration number, done in black, about 1" high.

The Empennage Cover

This is a one-piece cover made to cover the vertical and horizontal stabilizers, as well as the tail boom area aft of the Canopy Cover. The cover attaches with Velcro to the aft edge of the Canopy Cover, and with straps underneath the belly. The cover is pulled back over the vertical stabilizer and a zipper is closed at the trailing edge of the rudder. The cover is then stretched over the elevators and zippered closed along the bottom elevator surfaces. There are also some straps under the elevators. The Empennage Cover is made of medium weight nylon.

HeatShield Interior Reflectors

These custom-fit sunshades/sun shields are made of a special laminate of metallized polyester film and closed cell foam. Less than 1/8" thick, the reflector is stiff enough when flat to stand up against the windshield using the sunvisors and window framing only. On some designs the HeatShields are held up in place with soft, rubber suction cups you can easily press into the glass. HeatShields roll up and store in a compact sleeve yet retain a memory to be flat whenever they are needed. HeatShields are an excellent short-term remedy for cockpit overheating to protect the avionics and upholstery, but the Canopy Cover offers a more effective and practical solution.

Propellor Covers

Propellor/Spinner covers are a one-piece form-fit design, which slip over the blades and spinner. The cover zips together along the bottom edge of the blade covers. Made in two-blade, three-blade, and four-blade styles, Propellor Covers are lined 100% with a special micro-fiber so they will not scratch.

Propellor covers

Engine Covers

Insulated/Non-insulated engine nacelle covers: Engine covers enclose the entire engine cowling area, synch behind the spinner, cover your engine intakes, and Velcro's closed beneath the prop spinner on the front of the nose bowl or engine nacelle. The engine covers can also be insulated to drastically reduce preheating time during the cold, winter months. On jets, the engine covers can either cover the intakes only or cover both intakes and the exhausts. If you have thrust reversers, we accommodate for those in the cover designs.

Helicopter Bubble Covers

Generally enclose the entire canopy including the windshield, skylights, chin bubble, front and rear doors and windows. The cover often times attaches from the rear lower corner to the rear cross-tube. Attachment buckles are made of non-metal Delrin, designed for rugged outdoor use. Both the top and bottom hems of the cover have a special rope-hem feature with which they can be tightened to insure against wind-blown chaffing. Pockets are sewn into the cover for both the temperature probe and pitot tube. For ease of installation, bubble covers are color-coded (red=left, green=right) with color swatches sewn into the corners. All Bubble covers are 100% lined with a special micro-fiber so they will not scratch the bubble.

Blade Covers

Blade covers are sewn of medium weight nylon pack cloth. Cut "full" to avoid damage to trim tabs, blade covers can be installed from the ground with the aid of lightweight rope, which is attached to the open end. Covers are cinched tight at the blade root with straps and Delrin buckles. A small opening at the tip of the cover allows for some air circulation and drainage. For operations in extremely cold weather, Cold Weather Blade Covers are fitted with full-length zippers, and with "boots" designed to accept a pre-heater hose. Blade Tie downs Blade can be incorporated into the Blade Covers to keep the blades from moving freely. Hail protection can also be sewn in the upper surfaces.

Rotor Hub Mast Cover

The Rotor Hub cover overlaps with the blade covers to insure complete protection for the entire main rotor system. This cover also encloses the rotor mast fairing and sometimes overlaps with a swash plate fairing and/or doghouse. It is made of heavy weight nylon and fastens securely with Velcro and Delrin buckles.

Rotor Hub Mast Cover

Tail Rotor/Gearbox Cover

A Tail Rotor cover is a one-piece design, which generally fits over the blades, hub and gearbox. It usually fastens with snaps along the bottom edge. Made of medium weight nylon, tabs have been sewn into the tips of the cover so that it may be tied down in high winds.

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