BendixKing AeroVue

AeroVue is an integrated flight deck derived from the category-defining Honeywell Primus Epic and Primus Apex avionics systems, used worldwide in thousands of large business jets and air transport aircraft. AeroVue has been specifically tailored for retrofit into Part 23 class III and IV, and Part 25 aircraft.

The system provides two primary flight displays; one for the pilot and the co-pilot, and a shared multi-function display, and replaces all of the legacy mechanical equipment. It also comes with the industry-leading SmartView synthetic vision system, flight management system, radios, ADS-B compliant transponder and autopilot. It has options for weather radar, XM weather receiver, radar altimeter, traffic alert and EGPWS ground proximity warning system.


The three 12”, bright, high resolution displays make it easy for you to see everything and fly like it’s always VFR. It offers you a tight visual scan with aircraft attitude, navigation, engine instruments, autopilot, radios and transponder on the primary flight display. The SmartView synthetic vision system lets you fly easily


AeroVue uses solid state electronics that integrate everything into a lightweight avionics system. AeroVue not only gives you a state-of-the-art system, it does so while reducing aircraft weight by 125 pounds compared to your existing avionics. This will reduce fuel burn and extend your range.


AeroVue lets you replace mechanical components that wear and fail with solid state units that virtually never do. You can eliminate spinning mass gyros that need overhaul nearly every 2 years, the expensive cost of rebuilding old servos, the "vibrating can" air data computer, and the cost of fixing electro-mechanical components like the horizontal situation indicator.



Standard Features

  • Three high-resolution 12” LCD displays
  • Two Primary Flight Displays (PFD) and one Multifunction Display (MFD)
  • Interactive graphical flight planning
  • Flight management system with flight director, coupled VNAV capability
  • Dual WAAS GPS receivers
  • Integrated digital autopilot with yaw damper
  • Integrated engine instrumentation on the PFDs
  • Dual-channel Air Data and Attitude Heading Reference System (ADAHRS)
  • Software-based multi-mode digital radios for navigation and communication
  • ADS-B compliant Mode S transponder
  • Trackball cursor control device with integrated hand rest
  • Keyboard, numeric keypad and joystick
  • DME
  • Track-centered flight display for more precise flying
  • Dual audio panels with Bluetooth® and readback functionality
  • Digital standby attitude module with airspeed, altitude and slip indication
  • Interfaces with many legacy BendixKing sensors, including TCAS, EGPWS
  • Full 2-year system warranty

Available Options

  • Weather radar
  • SmartView™ synthetic vision
  • XM Weather receiver
  • Radar altimeter
  • TCAS
  • Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System
  • Jeppesen charts and maps
  • AeroWave™ in-flight connectivity
  • Second Mode S transponder
  • ADF
  • Extended warranty coverage


  • King Air B200