Aveo VeoLite

An industry leader in cutting-edge LED aircraft lighting, Aveo has recently used its expertise in lighting design and manufacturing to address the increased need for pathogen-free cabins and cockpits. Employing the time tested method of sanitizing with specific light wavelengths, Aveo now brings this technology to all types of aircraft interiors.

Hospitals have relied on this technology for years, wherever a pathogen-free environment is absolutely essential. Visible violet light at the 405 nm wavelength is used for continuous disinfection, as it’s completely safe for human exposure. The 265 / 275 nm wavelength known as UV-C, is ideal for spaces when not occupied, as it provides rapid sanitizing in a matter of minutes. Both methods combined or individually are provided by Veolite™ solutions, as combining these two approaches provides the cleanest possible results.

VeoLite™ Portable UVC Disinfection System

Keep your cockpit and cabin free of bacteria, mold, viruses, and mildew between flights, keeping pilots and passengers safe. No chemicals, no scrubbing, wiping, or harmful residues. These UVC systems are available in a variety of battery sizes, but all neutralize harmful pathogens in a matter of seconds with the easy to handle wand.

Most Aveo interior lights can be customized to feature a combination of visible and sanitizing lights in the same unit, providing a safer and healthier interior. Lights can be designed to include White + IR, White + NVIS Green, White + 405 nm Violet, or a combination of multiple colors.

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